January 7th 2020 | Page Street Publishing

WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT is a Bolivian inspired fantasy about a 17 year-old weaver works to overthrow the corrupt monarch ruling over Inkasisa.

When the Condesa, the last remaining royal after the revolution, is forced into marriage with the false king, Ximena volunteers to take her place. It's an opportunity Ximena won't waste—the usurper and his minions will be taken down, and she'll finally have the chance to exact revenge for the death of her parents, her identity and home during the rebellion. 

Using her starlight magic to weave hidden messages back to the resistance, Ximena thinks there's nothing standing in her way from destroying the false king on their wedding day. But her mission is jeopardized as she comes to know a mysterious vigilante known as the wolf, a warm-hearted princess, a thoughtful healer, and a ruthless priest. 

Suddenly nothing is quite as it seems and for the first time, Ximena sees that corruption exists on both sides of the coin. Her worldview challenged, Ximena must decide on who to support in their bid for the throne. 

Novel Aesthetics




WOVEN IN MOONLIGHT takes places in a land inspired by Bolivia called Inkasisa. The word is Quechua for “Royal Flower”, and best describes what I think and feel about Bolivia. It’s a lush country, filled with vivid hued mountains, sprawling jungles, and beautiful flowers.

The main setting in the story is La Ciudad Blanca, Spanish for The White City, which was modeled after Sucre. The buildings are painted white and crowned with earth colored tiles, making a picturesque visage.